Food Grade Silicone Tubing is The Best For Your Food Industry

In the foods processing industry, the demand for food grade silicone tubing is increasing rapidly. It is admired for excellent qualities such as high tear resistance and good transparency.

Since the tubing is produced using high-quality imported silicon and highly scientific production technology used is used, the quality remains consistent.

Hardness and transparency of these tubes depend on the rubber quality and functional mixing glue. Tubes of various types of hardness are used in different production scenarios.

What makes silicon tubing exceptionally good?

Other than being foods grade, several characteristics are there that make silicon tubing highly useful in the foods industry.

  • The tubing resists deformation and kinking because it is soft and greatly elastic.
  • Silicon tubing offers long service life and doesn’t crack easily.
  • It is highly temperature resistant (high and low temperatures).
  • Doesn’t get yellow and remains transparent throughout the service life.
  • It is non-toxic and odorless.
  • Excellent electrical performance and high tearing strength.

Due to these properties, foods grade silicone tubing is very popular in foods industry.

Applications of silicon tubing

As mentioned earlier, silicon tubes are the first choice when food grade tubing is sought. It is used in several applications like:

  • Food tubes and connecting tubing in food-producing machines
  • Drinking water machines
  • Coffee vending machines
  • Milk feeding bottles
  • Juice and soup vending machines
  • Water bottles for kids
  • Suction cups for kids

Other than food-related applications, these tubes have widespread applications such as electrical appliances, bushes, medical equipment, catheters, gas connecting pipes, etc.

Since the material is soft, harmless for humans and pets, and non-toxic; it can be used in all types of applications.

When you buy food grade silicone tubing, make sure that it is made from high-level food grade silicone.

Look at these points before you buy silicon tubing!

Yes, silicone is indeed food safe if you use 100% food-grade silicone. However, a silicone composition or filler may not be called totally food safe. Therefore, you need to be careful while choosing it for the food industry.

The composite tubing may be less effective and may not be suitable for the food industry.

Hence, it is recommended that one should read the specifications thoroughly and seek help from experts if there is any doubt.

Choosing right kind of tubes is highly important for the safety and quality of the food stuff offered by you to the buyers.